Thursday, 1 February 2018


Published in Shetland Life magazine in February 2018 entitled "Count your blessings"

Editorial: Bryan Peterson is perhaps better known as a party animal than a self-help guru. In recent years, however, he has developed a more reflective approach to life which he will be sharing with our readers over the coming months.  In the first of a series of occasional columns, Bryan shares some of the tips which have been beneficial for his own well-being.

I’ve always been quite happy and healthy, but nowadays I’m even more so due to some practical peerie adjustments to my habits that I’ll be detailing in this and future articles. I don’t proclaim to be an authority on health and wellbeing and I don’t expect you’ll reach nirvana through my ramblings, but I hope you find something useful.

I led a fairly carefree life up to my mid 30s and from what I can remember, I had a great time. I got a good education, enjoyed my work, toured with bands, pubbed, clubbed and partied, ate rubbish, smoked, and generally farted around and laughed a lot. I wasn’t irresponsible, I just didn’t have many responsibilities.

Throughout these decades of genial hedonism, I never worried about the long-term consequences to my mental or physical health: I was too busy pushing my constitution as far as it would let me. But I knew I’d have to calm it down at some point.