Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Apocalyptic airlift

If you’re reading this, then we’ve survived the ‘end of the world’ prophesied for 21st December 2012 by apocalyptic Mayan calendar misinterpreters. I’m writing this article towards the tail end of the day and we seem to have got away with it. I was starting to think there was maybe something in it when I heard of panic buying related fisticuffs breaking out in the bread isle of Tesco due to the north boat being cancelled for a few days. However, news is just breaking that Tesco will save us all from this ‘end of the bread’ cataclysm by flying in supplies on a Hercules transport plane.

Sheesh, what has become of the once hardy Shetlanders who could manage a week cut off from the mainland? Have we really become so over reliant on Tesco that we have to fly in non-local produce like how a 3rd world natural disaster zone would be supplied with tents and medicine?