Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mareel. And we're off....

I’m delighted to be sitting in Mareel’s cafe bar as I write this month’s article. I’ve just finished work here for the day, which today mostly comprised delivering lectures to NC and HNC music students, working through some event bookings with a local promoter and helping organise an exchange visit with young bands from Aberdeen.

I’m now ensconced on a comfy sofa with my laptop taking full advantage of the free Wi-fi. To give further context, my fellow patrons include a young couple with their two kids - Dad’s having a pint and Mam a coffee, an elderly couple who look to be on the tea and homebakes and a group of teenagers supping Coke through straws. There’s just been a rush on of folk having pre-cinema refreshments and the staff are busy clearing tables and sweeping popcorn debris from the foyer.