Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pedalling and the pedantry of multiples

When the editor let me know that there would be a bit of cycling theme this month, I thought that would be the push I needed to dust off my old bike and take her for a hurl. I had grand visions of my cycling companions and I effortlessly gliding to the summit of Mossy Hill and looking over St Ninian’s Isle on mid-summers night. From there I was to be inspired to wax lyrically in these pages about the joys of pushbikes, companionship and the glory of a Shetland summer.

However, it had been many years since I’d been on a velocipede and this didn’t turn out to be an inspirational return to form I had naively hoped. I trundled around for a couple of miles to test the old penny farthing, tired myself out within 10 minutes and gave myself 2-day spaegie. And back in the shed the bike went.