Thursday, 1 December 2011

e-mail misery guts

Moan alert – I’ve just read back through the below article and it seems I’m a right cantankerous columnist this month!

I’m in the process of trying to reclaim some of my life back from the constant onslaught of electronic communications that take up an incommensurate amount of my time.

Over the past few months I’d reached a stage where I spent so much time trying to keep on top of irrelevant email, unsolicited Facebook requests for one thing or another, pointless text messages and other digital sundries that I seemed to have little time for much else.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Club Licensing

One of the main things I miss since moving back to Shetland is the opportunity to go clubbing at the weekends. And by that, I don’t mean being jostled around a sticky floored late night drinking den full of drunken teenagers with blasting cheesy pop-dance music ringing in my lugs.

By clubbing, I mean going for a civilised drink in a pub with a suitably laidback atmosphere and having a yarn with friends, before heading to a late night establishment staffed by polite door and bar persons to listen to some eclectic music and have a boogie with some like minded people.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Tickets Please

Tickets. It’s an ebullient word in Shetland at the moment. If you got yours for Mumford and Sons, Bill Bailey, The Levellers, Bjorn Again or Kevin Bridges, congratulations; if you didn’t, blaming the Shetland Box Office or the promoters seems to be a common default retort.

Personally, I’m delighted when an event sells out in Shetland. It shows a real demand for live entertainment in the isles and bolsters an economy that will sustain yet more world class events. But the reality of the situation is that if there’s a limited number of tickets for an event with a high demand, some folk will be disappointed. It may seem glib to state the obvious, but the obvious seems to have been overlooked recently and many have looked to criticise event organisers.