Sunday, 1 August 2010

A moan about moaning

The Internet is the ideal way for the moaners of the world to get together and have a good old girn about whatever takes their non-fancy, comfortable in the knowledge that they won’t have to justify their opinions or provide the evidence or context that they would in a ‘real world’ discussion. Simply log on to Shetlink, Facebook, or (I made that up, before you go looking), spout your cathartic gripe and log off again feeling much better to have offloaded your cantankerousness on the world.

I’m not sure whether Shetlander’s are pre-programmed to lament – perhaps it’s the weather or dearly held nostalgia about our hardy ancestors’ hand to mouth existence – but given the idyllic landscapes and relatively high quality of life here, an onlooker would be forgiven for thinking we’d have a positive outlook.