Saturday, 1 May 2010

Twitter and twats

Twitter? Tweeting? Unless you’ve used Twitter, they’re probably a phrases you’re sick of hearing. The best description of Twitter I can think of is that sending a ‘tweet’, a short text message, via Twitter is like sending a text message via your mobile phone - the difference is that on Twitter you usually use your computer to send and receive messages and the message you send is posted on the internet for all to see, not just sent to one recipient as is normally the case with your mobile.

Granted, that doesn’t sound too exciting, but the power lies in that you can subscribe to the ‘tweets’ of particular users, so you only receive updates from the people or organisations you wish. For example, you can subscribe to news websites who publish their headlines via Twitter, follow what your friends are up to, or keep up to date with the plethora of celebrities who insist on publishing the minutiae of their personal lives. In short, it’s a quick way to scan a number of sources for the information you’re interested in.