Saturday, 1 September 2007

Learco Chindamo

Shetlanders are a fairly liberal bunch in my experience (liberal with both peerie and muckle Ls), but the anonymity of Internet forum opinion spoutery seems to bring out a bloodthirsty side in some Shetlink members. During recent discussions on criminality and the punishment of baddies, I was surprised to see how many Shetlinkers support the death penalty and espouse draconian views on the meting out of 'justice' to wrong do-ers. But the slant some Shetlinkers took on a recent national news story got me to thinkin'….

The media furore surrounding the release and subsequent attempted deportation of Learco Chindamo (teenage killer of headmaster Philip Lawrence in 1995) reminded me of certain aspects of the Home Office's attempt to deport Sakchai Makao.